/Electrical Masterclasses: Journey from Beginner to Industrial Pro

Electrical Masterclasses: Journey from Beginner to Industrial Pro

Learn with Amrut Shishir M

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"Unleash your electrical expertise and rise to an industrial pro with our enlightening and comprehensive masterclasses!"


This course is designed to take you on a comprehensive journey from a beginner to an industrial pro in the field of electrical engineering. Whether you are new to the subject or have some prior knowledge, this course will provide you with the essential skills and knowledge required to excel in the industry. By the end of this masterclass, you will be equipped with a deep understanding of electrical concepts and be ready to take on challenging projects in the industrial sector.

Key Highlights

Build a solid foundation in electrical engineering principles

Learn essential skills required for the industry professionals

Gain practical knowledge from person with hands-on experience.

Master advanced topics like power systems and control systems

Learn designing and calculation form the industrial expert.

A bridge class from theories of the books to practical knowledge gained in years.

What you will learn

Comprehensive Electrical Masterclasses

Embark on an enlightening journey through a series of comprehensive Electrical Masterclasses, thoughtfully curated to cater to a spectrum of proficiency levels - from beginner to industrial pro.

Guidance from Industry Experts

Benefit from the experience sharing of seasoned industry experts and accomplished educators, impassioned to impart their deep-rooted knowledge and insights.

Immersive Bridge of Learning

Immerse yourself in real-world scenarios, ensuring an bridge between theories from the book to real world electrical works.

Learning at Your Own Pace

Seize the flexibility to access course materials at your convenience, allowing you to chart your educational path and adapt it seamlessly to your busy lifestyle.

Applied Learning for Real Impact

Acquire practical skills and directly applicable knowledge, empowering you to make a tangible impact in various electrical domains, from foundational concepts to advanced industrial applications.

Collaborative Learning Community

Forge connections within a supportive community of fellow learners, collaborating on projects, and receiving continuous guidance.

Safety Protocols in Electrical

Learn essential safety procedures and regulations followed during electrical installations and maintenance in industrial settings.

Fault Diagnosis and Troubleshooting

Develop skills in identifying and rectifying electrical faults, troubleshooting circuits, and ensuring optimal system performance.



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Electrical Masterclass Introduction

Basic Electrical Engineering

8 attachments • 58.65 mins

Voltage | LV | LT | MV | HV | HT | EHV

Current, Alternating Current, Direct Current

Electrical Resistance | Conductance | Ohm

Inductance | Induction | Inductor | Frequency | Inductive Reactance

Capacitance | Capacitor | Capacitive Reactance | Electrical Impedance

Ohm's Law | Non-Ohmic | Ohm's Law in Ac Supply | Impedance

Electrical Power | Real | Reactive | Apparent | KW | KVA | KVAr

Load Shedding | KVA Controller | Contract Demand Controller | KSEB | LT

Electrical Equipment Transformer

2 attachments • 25.41 mins

Transformer | KVA | Types | OLTC | Oil Cooled | Unitised Substation

Design Calculation | Current Transformer | Potential Transformer | CT

Electrical Equipment Motor, Gears & Valves

7 attachments • 1 hrs

AC Motor | Induction Motor | Synchronous Speed | Slip | Motor Capacitor

Motor | Name Plate | Ingress Protection | IP | Cooling | Maintenance

LT | HT | Motor | Name Plate | Duty Cycle | Insulation Class | IE Effi.

Bearing | Gearbox | Eddy Current Drive | Coupling | Seal | Gasket Seal

Submersible Pump | Selection | Head Calculation | Cables | Oil Field

Hazardous Areas | Motor | IEC | Ex | Explosive Zones | Class | Safety

Valve | Motor Operated Valve | Working | Power & Control | Limit Sensor

Electrical Equipment Generator

3 attachments • 37.59 mins

Generators | Alternator | Brushless Alternator | Voltage Regulations

Generators | Starting | Governor | Interlocks | Frequency Regulations

How to Calculate Generators Size | Sizing | Selections | KSEB Approvals

Conductors & Cables

2 attachments • 24.42 mins

How to Calculate Generators Size | Sizing | Selections | KSEB Approvals

Bus Bar Size Calculation| Lightning Protection | Main Panel Maintenance

Switchgear & Protection Relays

9 attachments • 1 hrs

Electrical Hazards | Short Circuit | Earth Fault | Static Electricity

Fuse | Circuit Breaker | Isolator | ACB | VCB | SF6 | Lockout Tagout

Electrical Relay | Contactor | Working | Types of Relay

Under Voltage Relay | Over Voltage Relay | Selection | Setting | Wiring

Overload Relay | OLR | Types | MPCB | Control Wiring | Thermal OLR | CT

Timer Relays | Time Switches | Types | Selection | Solid State Relays

On Delay Timer | Off Delay Timer | Star Delta Timer | Wiring | Settings

Protection Relays | Restricted Earth Fault Relay | Differential Relay

Transformer Protection | Buchholz Relay | SOP | Transformer Maintenance

Motor & Starters

4 attachments • 45.39 mins

Motor Starter | DOL Starter | Direct Online Starter | Control Wiring

Forward Reverse Motor Starter | 3 Phase | Control Wiring | Power Wiring

Star Delta Motor Starter | Connection | Control Wiring | Power Wiring

VFD | Variable Frequency Drive | Wiring | Programming | Siemens MM440

Measuring Instruments

4 attachments • 43.3 mins

Transistor | Thyristor | Diode | Inductor | Capacitor | Resistor | Code

Sensors | Transmitters | Flow | Pressure | Level | Temperature | Limit

Tachometer | Multimeter | Ammeter | Voltmeter | Wattmeter | Energy meter

Insulation Testers | Meggers | Earth Tester | HT Tester | Testing Kit

Inverters & Solar Power

3 attachments • 34.12 mins

Tubular Battery | Solar Battery | Normal Flat Battery | Inverter | UPS

Car Battery Vs Normal Battery | Charger | Battery Bank | Maintenance

Solar Panels | Future Of Solar Energy | Concentrator Photovoltaics CPV

Electrical Designing

7 attachments • 1 hrs

Electrical Drawings & Documentation | Schematics | Layout Drawing | SLD

Electrical Networks | Cathodic Protection | DC Networks | Maintenance

How To Read | Single Line Diagram | SLD | Electrical Scheme

Rules To Design Panel | Electrical Design Theory | Scheme | Switch-gear

Earthing | Type Earthing Network | TN | TT | IT | Lightning Protection

Lighting Design | Lighting Calculation | Lux | Lumen | Aviation Lights

Electrical Workshop Design | Kaizen | Why do welders not get shocked


1 attachment • 9.96 mins

Electrical Safety | Personal Protective Equipment | PPE | CATU Panel


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About the creator

About the creator

Learn with Amrut Shishir M

B.tech in Electrical & Electronics Engineering and MBA in Operations.Certificated Chartered Electrical Engineer.Started carrier in Mumbai as GET. Worked as Sr Engineer, Jr. Manager, etc. in the Electrical & Automation Department JSW Steel In Mumbai for 5 years and worked in Dubai, UAE for 5 years in various positions like project engineer, Project manager, Plant Manager, etc. Then I moved to Kerala, India. Since then I have been working independently as Consultant and Chartered Engineer.

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